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The clenbuterol or clembutérol is presented on many sites as the miracle pill for weight loss.
We can read, inter alia, that the clenbuterol is sold under the name of Size 0 (size 0), or that actresses use this drug to lose weight quickly.

What is the clenbuterol ?

It is an anti-catabolic non-hormonal, used by veterinarians, to treat diseases broncho-pulmonary spastic in the horse racing.
This product has therefore been diverted from its initial use primarily by athletes and bodybuilders, and by those who want to lose weight.
Clenbuterol is banned for sale in most countries.

Two laboratories in the manufacture of clenbuterol in the form of tablets in Bulgaria: Nihfi and Sopharma

Side effects of clenbuterol

The main side effects are tremors in the hands, cramping, and a more abundant perspiration. May also occur symptoms such as tachycardia or insomnia, nausea, nervousness exhacerbé...

In case of overdose, there is a risk of heart attack which has not been demonstrated formally for the moment, but that is real due to the principles of the molecule..

Dosage of clenbuterol

The dosage that is mentioned has not been established by physicians as this drug is not for man, but by the users themselves, and particularly the followers of bodybuilding. Never no doctor has formulated a protocol for the clenbuterol.

Side effects during the intake of clenbuterol

The first week, you will feel some muscle cramps in the legs also as headaches and nausea. Your nights will be restless and You'll also see tremors of the hands, an increase in your body temperature and increase your heart rate.
These symptoms are, therefore, of clenbuterol a product in which the taking is not trivial and dangerous!

Clenbuterol : Results below expectations for a risk-taking maximum

Don't think I want to lose 10 or even 15 kg as we can read on various forums or sites intrenet extolling the virtues of clenbuterol.

The loss of weight caused by the intake of clenbuterol will be minimal, while your health has been harmed by a molecule dangerous to humans.

The myth of clenbuterol for weight loss

Actually, it is a myth that was born of an amalgam between high protein diet, sport and use of products are anabolic.

The clenbuterol has never been used by bodybuilders and athletes to lose weight, but to increase their physical performance and endurance. With a study by the american holding on to demonstrate that the clenbuterol will increase the performance during the first few weeks before to stagnate or even decrease subsequently because of the destructive effect of the muscle by clenbuterol in the long term.

During their training, these athletes follow a strict diet, sometimes high protein, accompanied by a large expenditure of physical.
It is these two factors that cause a loss of weight. The clenbuterol is used for its anabolic effect.

A few years ago, the journalists of the program, called "50 minutes inside" have been investigated in the scenes not very bright Hollywood.
According to them, some of the actresses, who lost in a record time a lot of weight, would have taken clenbuterol. I also remember that at no time, in this documentary, they do not provide evidence that it is of this product. By contrast, they show how to get it on the Internet, which was not a very good idea.

We now know that the product that have ingested these actresses was not the clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol does weight loss person.

Many sites have picked up the information, but those who have written these articles have certainly never tested clenbuterol. These sites warn against the use of clenbuterol, but do encourage overweight people to want to buy by saying that it melts the fat faster than does the sun with ice cubes.

Do not spend money unnecessarily by purchasing clenbuterol and above all, do not put your health in danger with a dangerous product and inéfficace!

The clenbuterol HCL-3D will help you lose weight!

Scientists have recently created a new molecule resulting from the quintessence of natural compounds powerful and have called Clenbuterol HCL-3D because it has the same properties to increase the physical performance that the clenbuterol anabolic but also has properties that are fabulous on the weight loss by effect thermogenic on fat!!!

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