Clenbuterol is a synthetic molecule. It mime one of the actions of the hormone naturally synthesized by the body : adrenaline.

While the latter is able to be fixed on the beta and alpha adrenergic receptors, clenbuterol cannot be fixed on the adrenergic receptors of type β-2.

The effects of clenbuterol on the body

The effects of the fixing of clenbuterol on the receiver are varied :

    • it relaxes the smooth muscles (uterus, bronchi, digestive muscles...) ;

    • it dilates the blood vessels of skeletal muscles and thus improves oxygenation and supply of nutrients ;

    • it is used primarily for the treatment of respiratory problems in horses and in some countries, asthma in humans.

The risks of clenbuterol

The consumption of clenbuterol is, however, dangerous because the molecule can cause muscle tremors, vomiting, heart palpitations or even heart attack. This is why it is not approved for human consumption by the Food and drug administration, nor by the olympic committee and is sought as a doping product in the urine of athletes by the world anti-doping Agency.

Sometimes found in the meat due to animal care, she can be at the origin of the contamination of consumers and provide a defence to an accusation of doping...