Many of you hear about this product slimming miracle : the clenbuterol

By searching on Google, there are many shopping site of clenbuterol.

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Purchase clenbuterol on the internet

Some even are tempted by the purchase of clenbuterol on the internet, this product that is not available in France and in most european countries, being forbidden for human consumption because of its dangerousness.

Many sites offer the clenbuterol for sale, we'll be on the sites selling snake oil, that is sites offering real clenbuterol for sale?

These sites are mostly based in eastern Europe, the regulations are less stringent and the controls are almost non-existent.

Clenbuterol = danger

Be very careful in buying clenbuterol, it is a dangerous product, its powers weight loss have never been proven, however, the risks related to the use of clenbuterol are real.

In addition, you may lose your money by ordering on sites that will not deliver never your oommande of clenbuterol, or your package might be intercepted by customs, with the key many worries as a call to the customs office, forfeiture of clenbuterol, a fine, see for those who order in large quantities, the criminal risk (prison for importing clenbuterol)...

Opinions on clenbuterol

We recommend that you do not have to order the clenbuterol, throw it in the trash what remains of the tablets of clenbuterol and you will turn to a similar product completely safe and that you will truly lose weight without throwing your money out the windows.

New molecule of clenbuterol


American scientists have developed recently a molecule that has the same properties slimming and hypertrophy as clenbuterol but without the dangers associated with it. It is the molecule of secosteroide of clenbuterol or secosteroide hcl-3d. This molecule has obtained very interesting results on a panel of 50 clinical topics concerning the loss of fat mass and the taking of a pure force ( as well as on the muscle hypertrophy for the subjects sports).