After reading all kinds of articles on the internet talking about the clenbuterol , and more particularly of its inappropriate use as anabolic in order to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.

I talked to my doctor to follow me during the month of decision to allow in case of undesirable side effects (tachycardia, cardiac arrest, or other) leading to a hospitalization having a support and a diagnosis is most suitable.

At the level of the powers :
Having practiced since in 7 years of sport at a good level, I have a resting heart rate that is between 50 and 52, and when I'm really relaxed which may go down to 46 BPM. During the entire treatment period, I measured my heart rate at the same time and in the same conditions before my mini-nap in the afternoon.

- Day 1 : clenbuterol : 54 BPM at rest
The decision of the RC was made 1h after ingestion of 20ug

- Day 2 : 63 BPM at rest, with 40ug and no side effect to note. Session of workout without having noted any improvement.

- Day 3 : 73BPM at rest with 60 ug an earthquake of a fraction of a second this evening, taking my fork can be without any relationship with the clenbut.

- Day 4 : 72 BPM at rest, with 80 mu. My heart rate seems to be stabilized. No tremors (I had read that a lot of people had). Level weight lifting I have been doing on all my series 2 répet more without the muscle I burns. See in the next 2 weeks if I notice a real improvement. Negative Point today small puffs of heat in the afternoon and a big heat wave of 3 o'clock in the evening in my bed, window open and no duvet (temperature in the apartment is 14 degrees).

Day 5 : cruise phase with 100ug/day during 9 days : 73 BPM at rest. Nothing to report

- Day 6 : 68 BPM at rest. Slight dizziness throughout the evening, muscle spasms for approximately 30 minutes and shaking for 2 hours.

- Day 7 : 59 BPM at rest. I still have my head in the cotton, but the session workout went well with 2 répets more on each exercise without having the air of many forced to be 3-4 more that there's a week knowing that I stagnais on the biceps for a moment. In a week I would have lost a bit of weight : 3kg but I also do pay attention to what I eat (more light in the evening and more consistent in the morning, I replaced the grains with white cheese 0%, an apple, and a little oatmeal) and wood (more alcohol, hard enough with the first cocktail of the year).