Here is a message posted on several forum bodybuilding regarding the death of a young man who took the clenbuterol chemical associated with other steroids...

A friend of me fesait a cure testo propionate, trenbolone acetate and masteron 8 weeks with clenbu in addition to the last 4 weeks.
It was the second week of cure. He contacted me today to tell me that it was too hot, that he has taken cold showers, is that his windows are open and he drinks plenty of cold water but nothing helps it is boiling.
He told me that his body was burning and her brain was being boiled and he wanted to know if it came to products, I told him no and then I asked him questions about his dosage, so:
- 200mg testo propionate/day
- 150mg trenbolone acetate/day
- 200mg masteron/day
And he had already started taking clenbuterol and was yesterday at 140mcg on the day! But the worst is when he told me that he was taking dnp, and he was at 750mg/day for two days !!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I told him to go as quickly as possible to the hospital.
Since then, I have sent the sms more calls and no answer, this afternoon I remember and falls on his girlfriend, who told me that he is in hospital in a critical condition...
I have very little hope for him. The products in general are already a little increase the body temperature and even more with clenbuterol, you should never take things lightly but especially:
All he knew how to tell me when I asked him why he had done so is that he wanted to dry out more quickly. :-(

He died today, his heart did not.

His family did not know that he is dopait, only his girlfriend was aware. It will make noise in the halls but as usual it's going to be arranged with the sauce of each...
At least here the truth will be known and I hope that it will open the eyes to some.
Use the products is not trivial, I do not judge why you want the results, everyone is free to do what he wants to but read a lot about the products, the doses, their association, the ES...
Knowledge is power, I'll add that the knowledge is to stay in good health.
Bodybuilding (irrespective of the level of each one) is a matter of consistency and duration, we should not want to go too fast.

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