The one and only Clenbuterol - New Generation
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High efficiency in the fight against the subcutaneous fat
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CLENBUTEROL is a great dietary supplement that accelerates the reduction of body mass. The product has been developed in order to best help the organization in the fight against overweight and excess of fat tissue. All of fat burners with thermogenic effect, vitamins and substances with a stimulating effect, specially selected, increases metabolism, and the production of heat from fat as well as decreases appetite and brings an energizing effect. CLENBUTEROL promotes the burning of fatty tissue and shaping the silhouette in active individuals and in those leading a sedentary lifestyle.
CLENBUTEROL allows the body is better able to "burn" fat. It allows you to gain lean mass and losing fat mass.
CLENBUTEROL helps to maintain an ideal weight thanks to its action of destocking of fat, and improves muscle tone.
CLENBUTEROL engages the muscles that will then increase their energy expenditure.
After several studies, researchers believe that the active principle of our product CLENBUTEROL preserves the tissues of the muscles and allows them to regenerate and increase their volume and their strength.
These researchers conducted their study on 77 women aged on average 38 years of age and who are overweight. They were divided into two groups. The women of the first group have received our supplement CLENBUTEROL, and those in the second group a placebo.
Results : women in the first group lost on average 5.7 kg, while that of the second group have not found weight loss.
According to these researchers, CLENBUTEROL help gain lean mass, while accelerating the loss of fat mass. Other studies suggest that CLENBUTEROL helps to improve the muscle power while reducing the waistline.
With each dose of the product - 2 tablets - drink 300 ml of water. Administer 2 doses per day, preferably 30 minutes. before meal or workout.
CLENBUTEROL™ is synthesized from a molecule without any danger to your health.
CLENBUTEROL™ has been tested in laboratories and on a panel of 77 women aged 19 to 71 years over a period of 3 weeks, his results are proven, the effectiveness of CLENBUTEROL™ is scientifically proven.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. The product is not intended for children, pregnant and lactating women.