selmi riad
the cure brings t it of satisfaction?? fo t it make a lot of sport in addition to the cure and of a system??
I have received my coe a little long 3weeks but c more or less the time I started my course of 21 DAYS I you tien with the current of the side-effects and results .
Clenbuterol is a very good product for lose the fat of the belly and the buttocks, I'm on my second course of clenbuterol, thank you for everything!!!
meg yalman
order received for the following I tell you what
frederic gallet
How much of a box to pour a cure For ONE Person to 115kg.
Thank you
Site serious, delivery and product ok.
Thank you, order received.

See you soon. Ludo
10 pounds in 1 month, great!

my life is going to change.

Thank you.
Thank You man!
Thank for You clenbuterol.

It's great to my muscles!
Ok for me, I recommend.

JJustine B.
Thank you for your slimming product, you have changed my life thanks to the Clenbuterol

The shipment is a bit long (10 days ) but hey, it comes from far away and for this outcome, I'm willing to wait.

Thank you again, @ soon for a next course of CLENBUTEROL !
karim ben
hello is that I pourai have information on the doses for clenbuterol in pellet please
lydia SEOUD
How long have you been delivered (FRANCE)
5 kilos in 8 days by doing a little cardio next!
alexander velasco
Es this that it is necessary to limit the sport during the cure?
houda g
I have to start it three day I will say the new ...
denis beaudoin 30 April 2010
I lost 20 pound with 50 tablets
alix D
Ordered today on the 30th of November, for a treatment of 1 month at the rate of 4 tablets per day maximum dose... I am waiting to receive it to begin with, and be able to give my opinion :o)
dimitri simonis
I ordered on this site, serious,discreet shipping,wait at least 10days for the order.I am a personal trainer specialized e anabolism and catabolism in muscle,many diploma dietetique.I test my cure, and I will come to you.
elodie grove
I just ordered clen.. and I hate to started how much time it takes to wait for the arrival of the product.
and what is the dosage to be taken thank you
I would like to know if I need to lose 25 kg in 2 months or a little more with the clenbu and how prendres thank you
I take the clenbuterol since 1 month, I already lost 12 kg by also paying attention to my diet, and I continue to lose a little more or should I stop?
siham lachani
I would just like to ask you the question if it is possible to lose 30kg in two months and how much dose pill I have to take for this to work?thank you for your answer bis
Senay Denizsever
hello here I ordered also the clenbu I just wanted to know if it not too risky for the health I did the workout its been 5 years I 100kilo for 186cm but my sourtou fat has the cinture that do I come not men débarasé so I wanted to see if the clenbu was vrament éficase
fanny rico
I received my order in 15 days, a little long but site serious apparently.
I am going to follow the following process :
- 1 cachet first day
- 2 stamps of the second day
- 3 pills on the third day
- 4 stamps in the fourth day (up to six at siexieme day pr men)
This over a period of 15 days, then a judgment of 15 days. Then take the process gradually over 15 again. ETC ...

Today I took my first tablet, 40 minutes after I had qq tremors of the hands, light a few flashes, the heart that, by the time, will accelerate a little bit. Nothing alarming :)

I work ds the gym so I continue to do sport so a little more moderate.
It is advisable to drink a lot during the cure to avoid cramps ;)

I'll be back soon to pr you give the results...
I would like to know if there are side effects (earthquake or other ) on any person.
sara mabrouka
I have received my parcel but I sai not how many tablet I take in a day ?
I desire to lose the gra may pa really take into muscle
thank you
s. c.
there it is it happened, it was long but it happened...I am starting today! I'd share my progress as soon as possible!
david musto
18 years old muscul + clenbu to dry ?
s. c.
I ordered 10 days ago...I'm waiting for my package, I'll let you know the results.
Hi all

I tested the clenbuterol there are a couple of months ago (beginning of the end of August 2008 up to mid-December 2008).
I've tested in the form of granules (jar of 500 g Ventipulmin), a product for veterinary use for horses that have asthma.
Having followed a training level in the field of science, I was able to adapt the dose for a human application. Overall, 100 g of pellets of Ventipulmin contiennnent 1400 µg of clenbuterol, therefore, 10 g equals 140µg so the maximum for a man at the top of the cure !
At the beginning I have been serious enough on the frequency and dose tracking (this was during the vacation I had the time).
After I took the course and I have a little bit left to fall, and took about 80 µg per day up to take it only once a week, and I was doing a lot of "off" period it means 1 week with and 1 week without, for the most part I was making sure not to saturate the receiver Beta2-Adrenergique.

Good effects : -the first 3 days tremors quite visible fingers that tremble not of the masses but it is quite significant to be noticed
- Increase of the beat of the heart, the heart is constantly beating fast and strong, as if you had typed 3 floor walk at a brisk pace.
- Increase body heat, it is the most impressive we have all the time hot more need for sweater or jacket

=> result of what I noticed at the beginning this is an extraordinary muscle, and a noticeable loss of fat but the + incredible it is the weight gain but don't worry it is muscle, it should be noted that iíve been working nearby and more intensively with heavy loads and of the protein complement of daily meals.
Then comes a phase of dry, where the fat melts to eye sight while continuing to eat crap in the style of the snickers coming back from night club at 4 am before going to bed!

I also wanted to clarify that the ventipulmin is the most difficult form to take because it is necessary to measure to the gram ! but on the other hand it is the best quality / price I explained to me for a pot of 500 g we have a total of 7000µg of clenbuterol for 75 €, whereas on the net it is sold 200 tablets of 20 micrograms (4000µg of clenbuterol) is around 100 €.

So now I think that clenbuterol is a very good product, a dopant and as a part of anabolic, non-hormonal, but which has the particularity of not have any side effects sustainable, and overall little risk on the health if we stick to the dose maximum and the dose efficiency.

I want to emphasize that this product is to be banished for all pregnant women and people with heart problems.

Otherwise, since I order on-street-the-system, it is a bit more expensive than in pellets, but a lot more simple to take.

Sonia kormanjos
Hello I am 18 years old and I have at least 15 pounds to lose I would like to esayé this pill but for my age I am afraid of having too strong a result I would like to have advice thanks in advance
pierre bodard
hi,I m call peter and I court much,I do bike etvde the swimming is taking clenbuterol, is dangerous with that kind of activity
david vendetta
I is not more than 5 kg a perdre es-1 cycle of 2 week doing weight training side could I be effective? I do not have a heart problem so I do not risk my life for this short period? PS:I'm under anti depreseur ... thank you dvos answer because I'm really interesé by the clenbu for my dry.
William Dufrasne
Hello all.
Order past last night, hate to start.
Up to how many pills prénez you have per day?
Thank you
No GAKA Angel
Es this that it is necessary to limit the sport during the cure?
William Dufrasne
Hello all,
I place an order today, and I hate to start my first cure of 3 weeks. But I have to start by 20mg (3 days), then 40( 3 days ), then 80 for redesendre then?
Or do I have to go up to 100?
navy f 3
Hello, I received my order in 17 days.impécable.I have pa for a small question: I do not have any side effect, not a headache , not a shake, or high blood I have to increase my dose to 6 pills in 3 it normal to not have any side effects?
Peter Lami

order well received, the cure started since 2 weeks and already 4.8 kg less!

Thank you!
product tried for the first time weight loss impressive with balanced diet . Attention sport to the limit. a few side effects the 1st day time of assay.
the first order arrived in a period of 15 days as agreed.
francois smith
to take 4 or 5 gelulle per day sa takes a shot or spread out throughout the day?
gregory pierard
super,I have too much dry thanks to the clenbu
ghislenn D
I started the clenbu yesterday and this morning I already have a strong migraine with just one tablet is this normal?thank you for your answers
rosa cipolla
hello, I have well received my package, but I have a question is it necessary to make arrangements to stroke the outlet of seal or just be careful three days of taking the effect is there but nothing on the scale can you m explain a little bit about how the used to a better! thank you

the clenbuterol helps to lose weight and gain power and muscle strength for athletes.

Do not exceed the 3 month course and no more than 2 times per year, it is nothing to do more.
Bruno salome

I would like to give you my opinion on the clenbuterol, after having tried the tablets Alli for 1 month and have lost in all and for all that my money, but not my kilos, I sis turned to the clenbuterol, after having heard about it before.

This is 1 month I am 4 days with a cut after 2 week, I already lost 9 kilos, without too much attention to my diet, and doing a bit of sport.

Here is my experience.
sebastien s
hello I want to know for those who are well sechez with the clenbuterol if you have lost a little mucle also or instead ?and how repartissez you taken ?? thank you in anticipation
mary lupo
Hello, today I have placed my order for clembu for a cure of 8 weeks...I'll keep you informed of the evolution...
thierry jeantet
Hello, I received the product in the 15J,I still have 15-20 pounds to lose I isp still 105 kg for 1m73,I have already lost 43 pounds in 4 MONTHS;I'll keep you in the juice of the results obtained with the clenbutirol , its will be my first cure !!more thierry toulouse !!

The following testimonials have been sent by consumer of Clenbuterol by email or by letter. Important Note: If a percentage minor users may be able to lose significant weight in a short time, this weight loss is not a guarantee for 100% of the users of Clenbuterol™.

Succès de perte de poids 

Jennifer, 26 years old, weighed 98 pounds, has lost 44 pounds !

I would like to talk to you about what has happened to me and the reason why I decided to write this testimony. I feel I have spent my life to fight against the beads. In fact, it was going to when I was young. I could eliminate the chocolate cakes, or éclairs cream, dancing in a box with my girlfriends. There is nothing better than moving on the dance floor for a few hours to make it fly the calories. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to keep the line when life catches up with you. I lost control of the mine after the arrival of my first child.

Like most moms, I didn't have much time to take care of me. I spent all my time taking care of my husband and children. Any mom that reads this will understand me. We tend to let go. Every time I opened my closet door, I had the impression of hearing my clothes, sigh !

In short, I have tried every diet possible. I ran, swam, danced, but I wasn't getting the desired results. Of course, exercise helps a little and I felt much better but after a while I stopped always to lose weight. Then, I started looking for a little help and I found Clenbuterol™. Its combination of ingredients burns fat at different rates so it works constantly. Its natural ingredients make it completely safe and fast weight loss is a real motivation to continue. It worked perfectly for me and I recommend it to everyone.

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8175 people on 11357 have found this review helpful

Succès de perte de poids 

Patricia, 24 years old, weighed in at 76 kilos, and has lost 16 pounds !

I'm Patricia and I'm 24 years old. Honestly, my overweight I was never bothered until then. I was really happy and had a beautiful life with a loving family and many friends. I've changed my mind on my weight the day when, by chance, I overheard a conversation between colleagues and I was horrified to learn that they called me fat cow and that I had not been invited to several evenings because of my appearance.

I had not thought that people don't want to be with me because of my appearance. I liked to eat and I knew that I needed help. I read a description of Clenbuterol™ and, learning that all the ingredients were natural, I was pretty impressed to want to try. I was really curious to see if this Clenbuterol™ really would work.

Look at me now. I feel really good and I find that I look really well also. I told the girls at work that what they had said had been the trigger for my weight loss and have acknowledged. Even if it hurt me at the time, I am grateful for because it motivated me to lose weight with Clenbuterol™ and now I know that nobody shall be ashamed of to be at my side during an evening.

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Succès de perte de poids 

Lin, 33 years old, weighed in at 74,5 kilos, has lost 12 kilos !

Because I am very small (I make less than one metre fifty), I've always had the air that's bigger than I was. I was tired of wearing loose-fitted clothing to hide my big belly and my legs plump. My doctor refused to prescribe me diet pills because I didn't have a big problem with overweight.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money for pills which do nothing, even if close friends had recommended. I wanted to be sure that if I was buying a diet pill, it would work as it claimed. The indications on the website of clenbuterol-store are very helpful. I much loved to learn more about the four aspects of weight loss what the pill.

I knew that the aspect cut-end was going to be very important for me because I love sweets and I find it hard to say no to sugary foods. The chocolate is my Achilles heel.

I started to take Clenbuterol™ and also to make sports. I am a busy mom so I don't always have the time, but now I take the children to school on foot instead of make the short trip by car.

I am really glad that my friends to me have advised Clenbuterol™, and when they look at me, they are also.

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Histoire de perte de poids 

Julie M. has lost about 15.5 pounds

Before my pregnancy, I never had problems with what I ate or what I drank. But after having had my two little ones, a year and a half apart, I noticed that the weight I had gained during my pregnancy was over. Of course, I knew that getting pregnant, especially twice in such a short time, would cause me to gain weight. After all, one of the benefits of being pregnant is that you can afford to meet all these strange cravings.

But I thought that in a short time, I would start to lose that weight and that everything would return to normal, or at least close to it. I was really frustrated to discover that, not only I do not lose weight, but that I had in addition gained a few pounds after my pregnancy.

I started paying attention to what I ate, what I had never done before. After I be deprived of all my treats and all my favorite dishes, I noticed that I was still overweight. It was as if those pounds were going to be part of me forever.

Until I try Clenbuterol™. The first time I tried it, I felt that I had more energy, like a surge of energy that I didn't have before. I compare this sensation to that of having a veil before the eyes, and then to remove it. I began to feel more motivated and to make exercise and I felt really good. Also, I noticed that I was losing weight and that I would come home in clothes in which I went over before. I continued to take Clenbuterol™ and it really brought me what I was looking for. This is an excellent product that will truly help you lose weight, I would highly recommend it!

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